Cupcake Monday – 8/22/16

Posted on Aug 22 2016 - 2:09am by Anthony Bryan

Oh hey, that’s right, I’ve got a blog I’m supposed to update! I actually do have a few batches of cupcakes I haven’t posted, but for the most part I haven’t done too many. The reason is I got an idea in my head for an extremely elaborate cupcake that I knew would pretty much take the better part of a full day to make. And when I get an idea for a cupcake in my head, I don’t want to do any other cupcake until I do that one. So I kept not having an entire free Sunday to make this cupcake… until now.

Yeah, that’s three layers of cake and two types of frosting. So much effort, but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Let’s see how the horde of nearly 400 people at work deal with only 24 cupcakes. D:

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